GF1 or wait…

I’m in the market for a take anywhere pocketable (ish) camera to complement my DSLR which does get a bit cumbersome at times.  I’d finally settled on the Panasonic GF1 with the 20mm lens when other manufacturers start dropping hints about new models.

First the Olympus EP2, which will probably be the camera the EP1 should have been (hope Olympus will offer trade in on the EP1).  This might be announced 5th November, or possible the 15th, and be available early next year.

Samsung look to be releasing their mirrorless offering, the NX10, December 10th.

But maybe most interestingly, Ricoh look to be releasing a new compact inter-changeable lens system, maybe with an APS-C sensor.  Ricoh have a good track record for producing innovative and quality cameras aimed squarely at the enthusiast photographer.  An announcement on this is slated for November 10th or 12th, and be available in December.  An APC-C sensor and lens smaller then those from the micro four thirds stable, maybe a Ricoh GXR Digital? Could be a winner  🙂  All in all an interesting couple of months ahead, best be patient.


~ by Alan Humphris on October 31, 2009.

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