Ricoh GXR A12 28e poll

News that Ricoh are bringing out an APS-C 28e module is great, personally it’s the one I’d been hoping for. If it were available today I’d it buy now. But winter 2010! By then there will be at least 5 other new cameras that for me will overlap enough for what I need.

Sony have their NEX concept, Nikon and Canon will offer something along the lines of a smaller than m43 ILC or larger sensor P&S, probably announced at Photokina in September with rumors over the summer. Pany will release their GH2 before Photokina (I’m not a fan of the IQ from any of the m43s to date but the GH2 will have a new sensor which will improve things). Then there’s the Samsung NX and Pentax might bring out their version of this too.

I’m not saying that these cameras are all equivalent, but there is enough overlap that I might trade IQ for versatility, or compactness for video, etc, so that by winter I will have settled for a different system. Basically I’m just impatient!

Sooooo, I thought I’d put up this poll to see if Ricoh needed to look at their priorities over the coming months. I don’t the expect the poll to change anything, I wouldn’t want Ricoh to rush any implementation, probably by now R&D has fixed the timelines, but you never know 🙂


~ by Alan Humphris on February 25, 2010.

2 Responses to “Ricoh GXR A12 28e poll”

  1. What I need is a 40mm equivalent… a true, standard prime.

  2. I would love to see a 35mm equivalent so Ricoh could go up against the X1, but I’ll settle for the 28mm. 35 is my standard focal length with my M6ttl. The X1 looks great but I can’t justify the $2k price tag.

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