Scotland welcomes David Cameron

Student protest
The best laid plans of mice, men, and Prime Ministers can often go awry. This was the case for David Cameron on Friday as he made his first visit to Scotland as the new UK Prime Minister.

Student protest

Expecting to enter the Scottish Parliament through Queensferry House and later make a walkabout, he would have been greeted by a crowd of 80 or so noisy protesters, and so ducked round the back door and kept his public outing to the grounds within the parliament.
Student protest

The protesters, mainly students, were civil but passionate in their beliefs. Most of them would not have been born when Thatcher came to power, but such is the deep seated distrust and animosity for her party, the depth of feeling has come through to the next generation.

As an Englishmen in Scotland the strength of this feeling constantly surprises me, almost as much as Conservative bewilderment and misunderstanding as to its nature and how to address it.


~ by Alan Humphris on May 15, 2010.

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