To be Announced

Despite my best efforts the tech head in me is still getting a bit enthused about the new cameras that are heading our way over the next few weeks.

Announcements from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Olympus, Samsung, Ricoh and many others in the lead up to Photokina at the end of September will unleash a slew of new products and even more web chat as each is dissected, dismembered and generally fought over. Ah the fun! 🙂

My immediate focus is still on finding a high IQ compact camera. Current top
of my list is the Ricoh GXR, so I’m hoping to hear the release date of the A12 28mm-e and as much info about it as possible. I don’t need the flexibilty of a full interchangeable lens system in a compact camera, one or two key modules will do, but if Ricoh do release a m43 mount for the GXR it would be worth a look as I have vague plans for some video work and the soon to be announced GH2 would be a good bet for this.

Along the same lines, the other news I’m looking forward too are new entrants into the EVIL market segment, most likely Nikon and Pentax. At Photokina these will probably just have prototypes, but if one of these comes up with the potential for something special I’d be happy to hold off any purchase until they come online.

For a detailed look at the expected announcements head over to PhotoRumors.

UPDATE: could the Nikon Qx be the next big thing. Rumors here.


~ by Alan Humphris on August 15, 2010.

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