FujiFilm FinePix X100

Well wasn’t expecting this news from FujiFilm. I thought if they did anything in the quality small camera large sensor arena it would be to join m43, instead they set their targets higher 🙂

The FinePix X100 makes obvious design statements towards a certain German camera manufacturer and the first thought is that the X100 is in the style of a quality camera, but will it actually deliver?

Initial sceptism aside, the specs do read well, Fujinon f2 lens with 9-bladed aperture diaphragm, sensible 12.3mpx, combined optical and electronic view finder, and even a ND filter built in.

I like fixed prime lens cameras, image quality comes first, just not found the right one right for me yet. 35mm-e is a great choice and the rangerfinder style offset viewfinder works well. For starters your nose ain’t pressed up against the LCD, and it gives you access to all the manual controls, which look well placed. This camera could be permanently glued to your eye and you could still make all the adjustments you need.

Best Photokina announcement so far and definitely a camera to keep a close eye on 🙂 just wonder what it will cost!


been mulling this camera over and well the hyrbrid view finder is great, but apart from that there’s no real advantage to the Ricoh GXR I have, and some disadvantage in that I can’t change the lens. GXR it is then 🙂


~ by Alan Humphris on September 19, 2010.

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