Its Official, M-Mount for the GXR

Today Ricoh have announced the development of a m-mount module for the GXR, ready for release this autumn. Good news indeed and I don’t own a m-mount lens! There’s many reasons why it makes most sense for Ricoh to take this route, expansion of its low volume high value market, previous m mount history, Japanese market, even general prestige of being a m-mount.

From my point of view I’m glad its not m43 as the sensors are smaller and still not upto Sony scratch, it keeps the possibility of full frame use later, m-mount is probably the closest thing to a universal open mount out there, and when it comes down to the quality of the lenses themselves given the choice available at the moment in m43, nex, or m mount there would only be one type I would want to buy.

You can always argue the whys and wherefores to the proverbial cows come home, but in the end its all about the enjoyment and feel for photography and at the moment I’ve a definite positive buzz about this announcement.

Autumn is a way off but at least gives me a chance to source a portrait lens 🙂

Here’s a few links to the announcements:

Amateur Photographer


~ by Alan Humphris on February 1, 2011.

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