New Micro Color Splitter from Panasonic

Panasonic have developed a new technology which will lead to significant improvement in digital camera performance, Micro Color Splitters

Conventional color filters block specific colors to allow the right color to fall in its intended place, but this blocks 50-70% of the light. This new technology replaces the color filter and controls the diffraction of the light into its constituent parts channelling all the light to its correct place. 

In the past color filters have been removed from existing cameras with a discernable increase in low light performance, but at the expense of making the cameras black & white only.  The micro color splitters promise to deliver the best of both giving accurate color reproduction and improved light performance.

To handle the new arrangement a new pixel layout and processing algorithm have been developed. Hopefully Panasonic can learn from Fujifilm’s experience with their X-Trans sensor and work with the main software developers of raw processors, such as Adobe, before any camera using this technology is released.

100%, or at least very high, color accuracy is a property that has largely been over looked in sensors in the race for high resolution and high ISO performance. It might well be that this is the missing hard to put a finger on something that digital images lack over film. The first company to put this into a camera with a decent sized sensor could well be onto a winner, which makes this Panasonic announcement particularly interesting.

Expect colour accurracy to be the next big new thing in the next year or two as camera manufacturers chase an advantage. For once though the benefits may live up to the hype.


~ by Alan Humphris on February 4, 2013.

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