Dear Ricoh…

It seems every year brings with it advancements in camera technology that push closer to the ideal (not quite sure what the ideal is, but everyone has an opinion).

Olympus’s OMD EM1 looks to be a very good camera. A robust workhorse that could handle a lot of scenarios. Sony’s forthcoming NEX FF might be everyones’ dream. But it may not have IBIS, it will have lots of tech I don’t need, and, judging on past cameras, it won’t be finessed as it will probably try to do too much.

My ideal setup would be mirrorless, IBIS, great support for M mount lenses, and come in a variety of form factors and sensor sizes. One need is for a robust high performing travel gear, APS-C or m43 sensor to keep size down and performance up for weddings, events, sports, wildlife, macro etc. Another would be for a mirrorless full frame camera for slower more considered natural light shooting, optimised to work with manual lenses. And the third a video-centric body and video-centric sensor, yep use a different sensor to the camera bodies not shoehorn an existing one to save money.

I think the EM1 will cover one side, I’m not sure the NEX FF will quite solve its corner. And for video if Black Magic can sort out the teething and supply problems the Pocket Camera looks great. m43 looks better by the year, though of course not full frame. And it does look like Sony is trying fill all this across the board themselves, including m43 with its 40% stake.

So in Ricoh terms, a mirrorless K5 with a new short flange distance mount, on sensor PDAF, IBIS, and lenses to make optimal use of PDAF and CDAF for both fast and accurate continuous AND single shot focussing. With support for K mount PDAF via an adapter as per Olympus. A tad bigger full frame GXR + M mount + IBIS + in built best there is EVF as a single camera combined would be great. And for the third part it is V-I-D-E-O its been around for a while now. Embrace the cinema standards that are out there, or buy Black Magic.

Oh and cheap… oh and by the end of the year… oh and can I be involved in the testing 🙂

Given all this though I think there is still an oppotunity for Ricoh to make an impact. They must have stuff in the pipe-line and I hope they pause and take stock of what the competition is doing. What they do next will be the decisive moment for Ricoh.


~ by Alan Humphris on September 12, 2013.

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