Ricoh stirs?

•January 11, 2013 • Leave a Comment

Sign of life at Ricoh for the GXR at last? Patent hunter egami has unearthed newly published patents for a 23mm f2.5 and 27mm f1.9 APS-C modules, so 35mm and 40mm equivalents in 35mm terms.  They’re likely to be using the sensor in the A16 zoom, and if they come to light it’s likely I’m going to be interested in one 🙂


Time Magazine Top Ten

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Time magazine has presented their top 10 photographs of 2012. Strong images with powerful sentiment to move you.

But are they acceptable?  Some of the ten are of deeply personal moments, including in grief.

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Momentum Street

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Excellent work by a group of street photographers collectively known as Momentum Street

Photographs are experiences

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A well considered article on the changing nature of photography by Wired interview with Stephen Mayes

Kate Westaway

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Whilst visiting the Living Coasts in Torbay I came across an exhibition of Kate Westaway’s work.  Stunning images all, I particularly liked the Underwater series put together for the Terry O’Neill award 2009.  Worth going back just to see them!

Why Bumble Bees Can’t Fly

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A neat essay on film vs digital resolution by Michael Reichmann over at Luminous Landscape. And an explanation on bee flight to boot!

Its Official, M-Mount for the GXR

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Today Ricoh have announced the development of a m-mount module for the GXR, ready for release this autumn. Good news indeed and I don’t own a m-mount lens! There’s many reasons why it makes most sense for Ricoh to take this route, expansion of its low volume high value market, previous m mount history, Japanese market, even general prestige of being a m-mount.
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